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  • 1962 - "Retrospective of Graphic Work by Paulius Augius", February 3 - March 4, Lithuanian Institute of Art, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1962 - "Art of Paulius Augius", Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1934 - International exhibit, Kosice, Czechoslovakia
  • 1935 - "Survey Exhibit of Lithuanian Art", Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 1938 - International exhibit, Paris, France - Paulius Augius is awarded a Prix D'Honeur
  • 1938 - art exhibit at the Vytautas The Great Cultural Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania - Paulius Augius is awarded the first prize in graphic art
  • 1949 - "Refugee Art", February, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    (participating Lithuanian artists: Paulius Augius, Adomas Galdikas, Vytautas Jonynas, Viktoras Petravicius, Vaclovas Ratas, Aldolfas Valeska, Telesforas Valius, Viktoras Vizgirda)
  • 1949 - "Lithuanian Art Exhibit", March 15 - 31, Freiburg, West Germany
    (participating Lithuanian artists: Paulius Augius, Juozas Bakis, Alfonsas Dargis, Povilas Kaufmanas, Viktoras Petravicius, Vaclovas Ratas, Adolfas Vaicaitis, Adolfas Valeska, Telesforas Valius, Liudas Vilimas, Viktoras Vizgirda, Teisutis Zikaras)
  • 1949 - "Exhibit of Artists in Exile", July 9 - 30, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Education, Paris
    (participating Lithuanian artists: Paulius Augius, Adomas Galdikas, Vytautas Jonynas, Viktoras Petravicius, Vaclovas Ratas, Telesforas Valius)
  • P. Jurkus, 40 Wood-Cuts, Ziburiai, Augsburg, West Germany, 1946 (works by Paulius Augustinavicius, Viktoras Petravicius, Vaclovas Ratas and Telesforas Valius)
  • S. Bacinskaite, The Tale of the Serpent, Forma Art Collective, West Germany, 1947
  • J. Dovidenas, Remember Us, DP Camp, Memmingen, West Germany, 1947
  • J. Svaistas, I Am Writing for Myself, Mintis, Memmingen, West Germany, 1947
  • Lithuanian Art in Exile, The Committee of the Lithuanian Art Exhibition in the USA, Munchen, West Germany, 1948
  • B. Grazulis, Treason, Ruta, Rodney, Ontario, Canada, 1951
    In the Name of the Father, Sisters of Immaculate Conception, Putnam, Connecticut, 1952
  • P. Orintaite, Viligaile, J. Bickunaite, Chicago, Illinois, 1952
  • A. Baronas, Flamed-Out Snow, Teviskes Ziburiai, Toronto, Canada, 1953
  • J. Cicenas, Vilnius Between Storms, Terra, Chicago, Illinois, 1953
  • V. Kazokas, In the Footsteps of Dreams, M. Morkunas, Chicago, Illinois, 1953
  • N. Mazalaite, Path of the Sun, Lithuanian Book Club, Chicago, Illinois, 1954
  • P. Jurkus, An Ancient Tale. Portrait of the Artist Paulius Augius, Lituanus, 1959, no. 4, pp. 118-120.
  • Paulius Augius, Danute Augiene, Chicago, Illinois, 1966
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